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/ We are two pilots sharing one consciousness inside the heart of a ravenous beast of metal. 
/ Yet another leviathan rises from slumber, its poison cries echoing in the space between us, and here we are: at the drop, at the link. 
/ My co-pilot is my tether.
/ Our citadel needs us. 

Memory/Drift is a two-page game for two players. 
You will need about an hour, and two 6-sided dice.


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Memory_Drift_Plaintext.txt 3 kB


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I and an old school friend had a wonderful time playing this on video chat ^_^ Great concept, perfectly executed. Emotional, tense, well-balanced and super characterful, even in short sessions. Would love to see it potentially expanded!

hope this is cool to say, but my friend and i had a blast playing this, and in a big plot twist we ended up allying with the leviathan to take down the citadel (which was a big corporation) and so we finagled the mechanics so the citadel got the leviathan stats and it was so cool and fun and this was a great game, thanks for making it!! 

Oh wow, that sounds like a great game! I’m glad you had fun with it!